RayAnn “Arcana Priestess” is an  Entrepreneur, empath, intuitive healer, guide and tarot card reader. Her soul’s mission is to inspire others on their journey towards empowerment, healing and recovery.

She had a very intense upbringing and struggled to find herself for many years it wasn't until she started embracing her gifts frequently & started using tarot decks which ultimately lead her to heal and realize her destiny and true potential. After many epiphany's and spiritual awakening she learned to embrace and appreciate all of the things she was put through, realizing that it was all part of a bigger plan, her souls purpose.

She was brought here to empower people to break into abundant shifts at last removing blockages and creating positive change in their lives. She is gifted with the ability to understand, penetrate, and transform virtually any situation into the driving force that her clients can use to move forward into the direction of their dreams!