Why Choose Arcana Priestess!?

All I can say is after getting my reading I honestly feel so much better as if a huge weight was lifted. Everything was so accurate and precise I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my reading. Thank you so much again! I will be doing a follow up within the next couples months, I’m so excited :) - Danielle

Arcana Priestess is highly intuitive and gives great insight! Whatever your concerns may be, she provides clarity and motivates her viewers and clients to find the strength from within to overcome whatever may be clouding their mind, all while finding a balance to focus more on the positive outcomes. -Sophia

Right off the bat I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She made me feel so comfortable and she had the most positive loving energy that practically beamed through the screen! I’ve been following her readings on YouTube for awhile now and after seeing how spot on she was in her general readings I had to see how accurate she was in a personal reading. After getting a general feel for my energy she was able to see exactly where I was at in my current situation. She was able to shed light on how my person was feeling and why they did the things that they did. She was able to help me understand him in a way that I needed to so I could get the ball rolling with my own healing. A session with this amazing woman isn’t just insightful...it’s a genuinely healing and hope giving experience that puts you exactly where you need to be. She tells it how it is and relates your life with her own personal life experiences in the best way possible. So glad I booked my session and I can’t wait for my next one :).” -Jessica F


Wow! This was my first personal reading from Arcana Priestess and I am so happy with my purchase! True to the form of the YouTube videos in style, and all of my questions were answered in detail. As well, I was provided with excellent advice as to how to use this information going forward. She is highly intuitive - I said something out loud the day I received the reading and she literally reiterated it on the video! Can’t wait to purchase some crystals as well! Overall I would highly recommend this incredible reader - her demeanour and intuitiveness are the cherry on top! -Sydney

I absolutely loved the reading you did for me & I love how accurate it was. I was hesitant about doing a reading like this since I usually have readings done in person. However it has been a long time since I received a personal reading and you have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be getting more readings from you in the future. 🤍 - Brooke

I loved her energy, you could tell she's very passionate. she is very talented and you could see when  she picks up messages very clearly.  she's very informative, very into details and honest. she gave me a sense of clarity and i look forward to using her advice again !! -Stephanie 

I’m literally in tears. I’ve never had such an amazing experience. What an emotional reading! I’ve never had such an experience this was my first time and I was nervous. Arcana Priestess is wonderful and very informative. Her energy was uplifting. Thank you so much and I will be doing this again soon. - Natasha

I can’t believe how spot on she was with what I’m going through! She even predicted what she felt I was going through before doing me reading!!!  She has this energy that makes you feel at ease and confident on your next decision! I’m truly appreciative of her and her ability ! Thank you!--Melissa Lowery

This reading had me shook...in a good way, of course (lol). There were several instances where I had to pause the video to gather myself because I was either squealing in excitement or straight up awestricken and left speechless. You starting with reading the overall energy going off of just pure intuition is remarkable because the resonance was shockingly accurate. I have to include that you've also answered questions that were brewing in my head but excluded at the time of placing my order. Simultaneously, I was surprised but I wasn't surprised in that you were also very accurate in the previous reading. It's like your connection to the energies involved is fine-tuned and secured that I can't help but allow these messages to serve me for my highest good. Not only do they give me a map to follow but also the clarity to make sound decisions, and allow myself to follow my intuition. Your intuitive guidance is much appreciated. It's crazy cool because a few days after booking a reading (Aug 29th), I placed an order for a deck of tarot cards (Sep 4th). I kid you not, 2 days later, I receive another deck as a gift from a friend. She said she felt "a strong urgency" to gift it to me. To further confirm everything, I received the deck I ordered a day after receiving the reading. It's uniquely funny because I never saw myself as regularly reading tarot for other people. However, an image of drawing them oftentimes would flash in my mind whenever I thought of tarot reading. So yes, I was indeed shook (lol). Additionally, I truly appreciate how you share your personal experiences to better relay wisdom that'll aid me on my journey. I'm so grateful for taking the leap of faith by booking that very first reading with you because it led me to this phenomenon of a second one. As a matter of fact, I'm so glad you woke up one day and decided to commit to the path you're currently on. You have no idea how much you've helped me and continue to. I truly believe that I've been divinely guided to connect with you in that all of my previous attempts for a reading with other readers have had resistance when booking with you was done with ease. I'm relieved and happy to know that you love my energy as well. You are extremely easy-going, elaborate, empathetic, compassionate, wise, accurate af! The energy you emit is loving and kind. I literally could go on and on but I just know that booking an actual live with you is what I intend to do next. :) -Jessica J

I have no words to express how I feel about Arcana Priestess. Not only does she have the most soothing healing energy but her level of empathy and care is quite special.

From the moment I connected with her I knew I was speaking to someone quite special and connected to the vibration of the world.

She reads with a confidence I have never seen, and she connects to your energy with such ease.

I am both optimistic and excited to experience the future she sees unfolding for me.

Arcana Priestess is invested in you and that’s a rare quality. She takes great pride in her craft and it shows in her readings.

Thank you Arcana Priestess.  
-Lili K 

This past life reading was SPOT ON!  I have never seen such a gifted reader in my life, just, wow.   Even my psychic peers are extremely impressed with the accuracy of this reading.  She's amazing.  Her ability to hear messages, even the care, beauty, and intention she put into my crystals order.... including a handwritten note advising me where to best place the crystals for my personal situation.  Everything is sprinkled in pure beauty and love. -Jenny M


I chose Arcana Priestess to undertake two readings for me after I studied her Instagram posts for a while. Her naturally  fluid and relatable delivery, care, hygiene/cleansing per reading, and life wisdom woven into her posts, gave me enough confidence that I would be able to understand the recorded reading I was yet to buy. For me specifically, it's the everyday practical actions she shares online with everyone that helps me to better understand how to improve and learn on my journey. The self love reading gave me so many decent, practical and achievable actions that I can implement without confusion. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for undertaking the effort it takes to do what you do.


Ah! Where do I start? I truly believe you are so highly gifted and your readings ALWAYS resonates with me and gives me clarity and validation. After each reading I feel compelled to book another one. Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent gift and self. I truly appreciate appreciate your readings and will definitely be coming back❤️🙏🏼

Tuba B

I was called to give you a review in regards to the reading since it was pretty spot on. I really appreciate the details that you gave in response to the questions that were given. I already knew somewhat before coming in to the reading how the other party was, personality wise, so hearing your take on it, really confirmed and validated everything for me. Even the details when it came to my own energy was definitely on point with the conversations we had in the past. What you said was definitely what my intuition was telling me so thank you so much.


A lot of us are here at confusing and low points in our lives, seeking honest non biased, helpful, carefully and kindly delivered information…. That is exactly what you will get.  My reading was beautifully and carefully explained in a calm, compassionate and personable way.  The reading was filled with information and details… You will feel safe and not judged, which is exactly what a lot of us need when we reach out for a reading. 

-Jonathan W

I really enjoy the spirit that Arcana Priestess has. She is like a friend and a guide all-in-one. Someone you can feel at ease with, but she is not looking to sugar coat or provide false hope. She truly believes in guiding to find the best path forward, even if that includes some hard truths to face. I am looking forward to the day when I will get a reading where she sees my path clear that has my energy in the right places. Thank you for all of your guidance gem! 


I have purchased several readings from Arcana Priestess and I can say with certainty she is by far the best tarot reader I have come across. She provides true, honest answers to your queries. She imparts her wisdom in such a graceful and poised manner that you feel an instant sense of familiarity with her. Leaving her readings, I have felt more confident in myself and empowered to tackle any situation including the one I had initially enquired about. She is incredibly gifted in her craft and very intuitive. If you have been pondering on getting a reading, I would highly recommend you to book with her. Thank you so much Arcana Priestess for bringing me the clarity and peace I needed with regards to my situation. I pray that you receive the same blessings in return two-fold. 
Sending you lots of love & light, 
I was fairly skeptical before giving tarot a try, but wow she nailed my situation on the nose and gave me more clarity than I could have asked for. The morning after the reading was the most peaceful morning I’ve had in weeks, knowing what she shared with me. 10/10 would recommend and I can’t wait to get another reading in the future. Very grateful  ~ Julie
I am blown away by the accuracy of this lovely and divine being! The warmth and the knowledge that she has is so powerful and comforting. Gift yourself or loved with a reading. She will help you find any clarity that you seek. 
-Jamie G

One of the largest portals I have discovered to Self Love is through tarot readings as they continue to lead me to a deeper understanding of who I am, what makes me unique, where I thrive, and so on. Its hard to trust or know who to chose with so many readers among us. When I first heard Arcana’s voice and witnessed a public reading of hers, without hesitation I booked a reading. Arcana has been such an illuminating presence in my life thus far.  The world can be so chaotic and loud. I’m emphatic and become easily overwhelmed by this, causing me at times to lose my sense of Self.  Her readings  have brought me much needed clarity, reassurance and tranquility within my self. I feel more aligned and reconnected with myself after a reading.  I have always been very intuitive, but along the way lost the ability to trust it due to trauma. Receiving readings from Arcana have been deeply healing as I am reconnecting and learning to trust and strengthen my intuition- her guidance and insights confirm this. Within this growth, I have noticed that my self esteem and overall confidence is directly strengthened from within myself and not externally. Arcana, I am so grateful for you meeting me on this journey, I look forward to continued readings with you and expanding into all I am meant to be. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light and making me feel so seen and safe within your realm. - Meghan J

It was a great first reading, though I have nothing to compare it to. I felt that the messages left me calm and at peace while giving me clarity on the direction I wanted to take on specific situations. I also appreciated the fact that I didn’t feel judged in the process for the questions I asked and feeling comfortable in that aspect was very reassuring. - Trish D

Can I say it was such a pleasure to receive my reading from Arcana Priestess.  I decided to get a reading from her by listening to one of her Instagram reels on the lessons a person learns from a relationship.  She was totally on point and everything she said resonated with my spiritual journey.  Her advice was not only insightful but so well needed.   - Iraida A 

I'm so grateful to you for your ability to calm the anxiety noise inside my head about this new chapter of my life, I came into the reading with the hopes of just a bit of positive feedback and ended up leaving with a whole new excitement for what is to come ahead of me in 2023. The practical advice and glowing insights are going to stick with me while I embark on this journey, and now I can tell that negative voice inside my head that it doesn't know what it's talking about, ha! As per my previous readings from you, you were again able to connect to things which you couldn't have known and spoke directly to themes which have been weighing on me. I'm looking forward to reconnecting in another 6 months' time to get prepared for whatever is next to come. - Cara P 

Thank you so much for your time, for the reading. I am so grateful for your honesty, your candidness, your intuitive insight into my path forward. This was my first experience and I can definitely see myself coming back for more. You were spot on with what is currently going on in my life and I appreciate the simple reminder to just be present in the current moments. Not to overthink about what might lie ahead.  I feel very blessed my path crossed yours.  In many ways I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I will keep you in the loop of what transpires. You have a beautiful gift, so thank you for sharing it with all of us. - Colleen A

It was honestly one of the best readings I've gotten from a reader with such little backstory given! It was beautiful and the layout of the cards were beautiful as well. Arcana Priestess is by far one of the best readers that I have received a reading from! I've worked with 4 other readers before her, and by giving Arcana Priestess only just a few details about my situation, she delivered a beautiful and authentic message in my video recorded reading. She was spot on about everything as she answered all my questions word for word. She provided great clarity on how to move forward by continuing to believe/trust in the Universe for what's ahead. I'm truly grateful to have received a reading from her. - Anonymous

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for it. I can say really confidently that this reading has given me a huge amount of peace, and increased confidence in myself, and where I am on this journey. There were so many confirmations of details regarding myself and my connection, that were uncannily accurate and relevant. I cried several times during my first time watching the video - because I realized how little I’d trusted my intuition. Not anymore! ❤️
I’ve been getting repeated messages, synchronicities, signs etc, on and off for some time now, but dismissed it as coincidences, or me trying to find a meaning in everything, “maybe it’s all in my head”, you know how horrible inner dialogues can be sometimes…well, your reading has helped quench the negative speak, confirmed those things I already knew but was unsure about, and gave me the encouragement to exhale, be at peace with the situation, with myself, and move forward much more confidently. Again…thank you so very much. I especially appreciate the kindness, empathy, and warmth of your voice and the delivery of the message. It felt like listening to a caring friend. And that is something I value greatly. Alina A


This reading was amazing 🥰! Without knowing any details of my situation and just 3 general questions, she described my situation to a T😮 and gave me the clarity I was seeking. Everything was relatable and not one thing where I thought hmm not really. I'm well impressed 👌. - Luluh M

Thank you so much for a beautiful and insightful reading! I actually was stood up on a date last night so it’s interesting you brought that up. This gives me so much hope that what I want is coming, and to keep up with my boundaries, standards and self worth 💜 100% would recommend a reading with you to anyone! I love how you use your intuition and receive messages from spirit, not just read the cards. - Leigh P