Arcana Priestess

Prerecorded Tarot Reading

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❥Recorded Intuitive Tarot reading. Dive deep into your situation, find clarity, ask general or focused questions, while covering any topics that you wish.

❥Focused readings can be a great option if you are seeking, guidance, clarity or reassurance. 

❥General readings can be a great option if you are open to receiving free-flowing communication from spirit.

❥After the reading is complete you will receive a link to your private video. Which will be sent to the email you provided when you book this reading.

Due to high demand expected delivery time (7-11 Business Days) *During sales all wait times can be up to 15 days* This is energy work & it cannot be rushed, so you will be ordering and trusting that your order will be delivered in divine timing. 

❥Everything is 100% confidential & No inquiry is off limits