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Past life connections are one of the most precious experiences, understanding the past life you have with someone can help you stay on track and realize things that will help advance your connection in this lifetime. 

❥ In this Reading I will be pulling from a very special set of decks in order to tell the story of your past life with the person you inquire about. You will see all the good and bad of the past life.  Get clear on the repeating challenges that are similar to what you face now and how you can overcome them in order to be able to continue from where you left off in the past life rather than start the entire journey from scratch. This insight will help you ensure a higher chance of ending up together in this life time. 

❥You will either receive a private link to your Prerecorded Reading once complete or be contacted within 48 hours to confirm a time for your Live Reading.

Expected delivery time (3-5 Business Days)  Please note due to high demand during sales this wait time may double (only for prerecorded options, lives will always be 3-5 days)

❥Everything is 100% confidential